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Who We Are

We are a professional team, with 8 to 12 members (depending on the workload),  composed by software developers, graphic and web designers, digital marketing specialists, content curators, support & customer service, commercial and sales.

Years of Prowess

Since more than 10 years, when Aloclick.com was born, we have been adding competence in all our work areas. Our Ceo and Founder, Fabian Sayd  ,  is an entrepeneur and designer with more than 25 years of technical and commercial expertise.

How We Work

The nature of our business (digital, borderless and with 21st century business beliefs) allows us to work in a geographically decentralized manner, coordinated by management and project leader.

How we interact

Taking advantage of modern project management software, and comunications tools we can work coordinately and provide a customer personalized attention, no matter where they (you) are.


We are willing to help all kinds of non-profit institutions and non-religious NGO around the world. We make our human and technical resources available at minimum cost, or 100% free, depending on the type and size of the project (*)



these kind of institution, and need some of our resources, to carry out a project ?  Please, tell us your needs in the following form, so that we evaluate the possibility of helping.

(*) Our resources for social assistance are limited, so we evaluate each case. Submitting the form does not imply obtaining help. Expect a response within 7 business days

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our main skills

■ Design ■ Application Development,
■ Marketing ■ Maintenance & Support Services.

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