terms of service

At the time of sending the request for any of our web services via web form, or acquiring any of them, by any means, whether by phone, online chat, online shopping cart, personally in our offices, or by email, the client knows, accepts, and agrees with the following terms of service, which will also be applicable in the event of any subsequent effective contracting of the web service:

All detailed information in the contracting of any service published on this website forms part of, expands and perfects this statement of terms of service. By accepting them, you will accept having read all the information provided on the website of the service.


We assume that what is not explicitly detailed in the website of the service promoted to contract, or in the service contract duly signed, implies that it is not included within it, whether as a feature, option, job, service , or management.


The client can make use of this service, hiring a web design plan for their Website, or to host a site already created. The same thing happens with the domain.

Under no circumstances will ALOCLICK.COM or its owners and / or legal representatives be responsible for the loss of data on the server. Having a backup copy of both your emails and your files or website is the sole responsibility of the client, as well as having the copy external to ALOCLICK.COM for greater security.

The lack of payment in term in the case of the hosting will carry out the temporary suspension of the service and in a period after 15 days of its expiration the total suspension, making it impossible to recover the data hosted. There is no reactivation cost in the event that payment occurs within the first 15 days of maturity, although non-payment of your invoices on time will imply a 10% charge.

In the case of domains, aloclick.com may eventually offer a domain free or included in certain hosting plans. In this case, the gratuitousness of the domain name always refers to the first year of the service, and must then pay the corresponding cost.

In the case of the domain, the lack of payment of 1 day of delay, will lead to losing your domain completely and putting it in a REDEMPTION state (period of punishment) which to recover it while in this state you must pay the amount of u $ s 300 (US dollars). Otherwise your domain will remain in this state for a period of approximately 120 days until its total release for subsequent registration.


The service will be delivered according to the term specified in the budget issued in due time or as indicated on the contracting page, in accordance with the client and from the effective contracting of the service. We consider “effective contracting of the service” when the total amount of the required payment is available, the date on which the terms stipulated below will be in effect for the delivery of the required material.

Form of work:
fta) After receiving the necessary material, a partial or total sample of the design will be sent, within the stipulated deadlines.

ftb) After the sample is sent to the client, and if it includes all the content initially required by the client, a period of 15 calendar days will be expected. In case of not receiving feedback, approval and / or request for corrections, in writing in a reliable way (x email or from our support platform), the design will be considered tacitly approved and the project will be terminated.

ftc) In case of sending partial samples, a response with comments on the sample and the remaining material will be expected to continue with the work. The deadlines indicated in clause 5 of these Terms of service apply .

ftd) In case of receiving feeedback, request for corrections or missing material, they will be applied within a minimum period of 7 business days. Then the corrected sample will be sent, returning the process to the point (ftb) of these Terms of service

fte) A website will be considered in a position to be definitively published when all the outstanding balances have been paid by the client, towards Aloclick, and the conditions of tacit publication mentioned in point 04-ftb are fulfilled, or the client expressly approves the last final sample submitted.


The budgets sent to the client are valid for 15 days, after that period, they have no validity and we do not undertake to respect the proposals and prices that are expired.

Failure to deliver materials
ALOCLICK.COM undertakes to wait a period of up to 60 days from the moment of payment in order to wait for the information required and necessary for the website and respect the terms of delivery, which always count since we received all that material. After these 60 days, the service contract will be considered completed, in the state in which the project is at that time, without the right to refund any amount paid.
In summary, it has a maximum period of 60 days to deliver all the information necessary for us to carry out its website.
In the event that these 60 days have passed and the site has not been started and / or concluded due to lack of delivery of material by the customer, you can ask ALOCLICK.COM for a new quote to carry out the initially agreed tasks and / or finish or continue with the website under development.


The available means of payment are: in Argentina, Mercado Pago, using any of the means available on this platform, deposit or bank transfer to the account of Banco Galicia or another that we report in due course. Abroad: PayPal or Payoneer. Aloclick.com, reserves the right to add other payment platforms, which it deems convenient, at any time, without the need for prior notice to customers and / or suppliers. The definitive publication of the websites or the final delivery of any work, product or service offered by aloclick, will take place as long as all outstanding balances have been paid . THE negative balance in the customer’s account will lead to the suspension of all services, regardless of the product or service that generated the debt.


Aloclick, offers certain services (web design plans, Hosting, domain registration, maintenance, support, etc.), with recurring payment plans manually or automatically, through payment platforms such as Mercadopago or Paypal. This implies that for the start, the client configured a payment, with their credit card information or made an initial payment by another accepted means. In the event that at the time of expiration of each periodic payment, the chosen payment platform cannot make the debit on the credit card chosen by the client, or the client does not make the payment manually, it will be considered in default. from the same moment in which the non-payment occurred. At that time, the following actions will be performed:

  1. a) It will immediately suspend all active promotional campaigns in media such as Google, Bing and Other advertising portals.
    b) An email will be sent informing the situation of default and suspension, requesting payment within the next 24 hours.
    c) In case of not regularizing the situation within 48 hours of sending the notification, the hosting services will be suspended, leaving the website and all related services offline.
    d) The services will be restored within 48 working hours, counted from when the payment was credited.
    e) After 15 days of default, all services / files will be permanently removed from our servers.


The web sites developed by ALOCLICK will have at the footer a link to our website www.aloclick.com and the logo of our company. If the client wishes not to have this link and credit, they must notify us before contracting the service, or at any time after it is completed. This resignation will suppose a fixed charge of u $ d 300 by way of assignment of exclusive copyrights for web design. In the event that the logo is removed without our consent, the same charge will be automatically generated, which will be claimed and must be paid within 15 days after receiving our claim.


Our clients / works are published in our “Portfolio: Clients”. All clients who do not wish to be incorporated into our website, must notify BEFORE or DURING the design process, and this resignation will imply a fixed charge of $ 250 for the transfer of exclusive rights for advertising. The services of web design, graphic design in general, logos, etc. will be applicable.


When applications, resources or elements with copyright (templates or images, images, WordPress applications, etc.) are used to provide the service, the corresponding licenses for use and the acknowledgments / credits required must be respected by the authors. The elimination of these credits after the delivery of the finished product, and the consequences that this may have with the developers of those platforms, are the sole responsibility of the client.


The self-administered web design service is based on the Free Software WordPress! ™ CMS (whose official site is www.wordpress.org), in its latest stable version, or another similar one for content management or e-commerce portals . The use of these platforms is free and free and is governed by the terms of the GNU General Public License. No payment for our services includes the sale or rental of the software itself or its right of use (except as specifically specified in the service contract), but concepts of fees for web development, customization, commissioning, installation, configuration, content loading, graphic adaptation, management, training and support for its use. Initially, the client will be granted access as “editor” of the site, to protect its design and operation. In case you require access as administrator and / or access by FTP or hosting control panel, we will grant it, clarifying that from the moment the credentials are sent with those access permissions, we disclaim all responsibility for the consequences in relation to to the design and / or functionality that any third party intervention may have on the client’s site. Under no circumstances do we co-manage the site with the client, or someone designated by him. To request access as an administrator, first the client’s account in Aloclick, you must not have any outstanding balance .


12 – UPDATES TO WORDPRESS and OTHER CMS & ECOOMERCE, PLUGINS and THEMES PLATFORMS All security or stability updates to these platforms, their plugins or templates will be borne by the client, unless a plan has been contracted that specifically mentions these tasks. the components of the same (system, templates, plugins) affect the functional guarantee of the service and the invalidated one, in addition to which it can leave the site inoperative. 

guarantee the correct operation of our web designs developed for a term of 3 months, only if they are hosted on our own servers. If the client notices any failure or malfunction of the product delivered by the term of the warranty, he must report it and we will repair it immediately and at no extra cost. In no case, the guarantee covers changes in design, text or images, since all this will have been previously approved by the client before the website is published.
ATTENTION: All our developed web designs that are going to be published on third-party servers (hosting companies other than ours) do not have any guarantee, since we do not have the power to administer the hosting service and / or handle any technical failures that could happen.

WORDPRESS: The WordPress system, its plugins, components, and templates must keep updated to make this guarantee valid. Otherwise the guarantee will lose validity.


This warranty is valid as long as the following requirements are met:
a. The client (or third parties on behalf of the client) do not cause the website to malfunction by actions carried out via FTP, the Cpanel control panel, or the WordPress administration panel or the platform that corresponds to their site.
b. The client (or third parties on their behalf) do not alter, extend or modify the base system of the website (WordPress or others). Ex: install components, templates, or plugins, modify the source code of the system, or integrate it with other scripts / third-party applications, which are not official. c. The client has their plugins, templates, components and version of WordPress or another platform, updated to date, without exceptions.

It is the responsibility of the client to have updated backups of the website and emails that they have, unless they have contracted one of our “Maintenance” plans that includes the web backup service but does not include the backup under any circumstances. of emails.

Within the terms and period of the web design guarantee, all free post sales support will be strictly limited to repair errors or product failures attributable to our responsibility. Once the website has been delivered to the client (after the development service has ended), any subsequent request will represent the hiring of another service, not included in this one. All subsequent support and assistance that the client uses to update, maintain, manage, extend or modify the developed web design or its associated services, will be charged separately, unless you have contracted some of our “maintenance” plans. All service claims or technical queries will be taken into account, only if they were generated through tickets created on our support portal, to which we will give you access once you are registered as a customer.


The client is responsible for their website and is also solely RESPONSIBLE for the content and publications contained within it, as well as being responsible for complying with copyright for the texts, images and content published in the same.


Ownership of the client is understood to be the contents of the database uploaded by any of the means stipulated to add or edit information on the web, the contents sent by the users of the site or its administrators, be it texts or images, the data collected on the web via forms or newsletters or any other information exchange technology.


In case of contracting the maintenance service, you must take into account and accept the following:
In case of having your own domain, it will not be discounted.
Up to 1 monthly restoration of your backup will be performed.
Our basic maintenance plan includes editing or adding 1 block of text and an image. In the event that the user does not use their available modifications within the current month, they are not cumulative, so they are not added to the subsequent period.

Non-payment of the web maintenance plan will have a 10% surcharge, and after 3 days of expiration, your service will be terminated causing this failure to create a backup copy of your website.

In case of buying one of our web design “packs”, we clarify that these are sites to be made and charged for within the stipulated period of development. If the delivery of material is delayed because of the client, the total agreed value must be paid in the stipulated time in the same way. The web design plans pre-established on this page are subject to the contracting of mandatory web hosting. Plans DO NOT include logo design. The images, texts and videos on the website must be provided by the client. The web design service that you will contract online will be limited to what is described in each plan, taking into account that, each additional request that is not listed in the contracted plan will be additionally budgeted. The development times count from the moment the information requested for the website is delivered in its entirety. Domain registration is subject to availability.


21 – LOGOS
The logo design offer includes up to 3 samples + 3 modifications to the chosen design.
By default, in specific budgets or pre-assembled proposals for web design or any other service, the design of logos or corporate image of the client is never included. If necessary, the client may request a quote and / or contract for these items.


The armed plans published in ALOCLICK.COM will have the administration costs included and will be limited exclusively to what is published there. The maximum CPC to be paid in said plans is US $ 0.25, or the client’s local currency equivalent. The client may request to see the Google Adwords certification of Aloclick or of at least one of its members, whenever they like, indicating it by email, if it is not visible in this link. In the case of contracting a custom plan, the CPCs and budgets will be particularly evaluated in each case. You will be required to pay the administrative cost in advance as well as the amount you want to invest. If you have a balance at the end of your campaign, you can use it for another advertising campaign, making it impossible to move to another service. The web positioning service has NO refunds of any kind. Without exceptions. By default, the client will not have access to the Google Adwords panel, nor will the joint administration of Adwords be accepted. If required, you can request guest access to said panel, which will only allow you to see, without editing anything that is displayed there. The client will receive the number of agreed reports. At the end of the contracted periods, the client will not have access to the advertising accounts created on any platform.


The armed plans published on ALOCLICK.COM will have administration costs included and will be limited exclusively to what is published there.
In the case of contracting a custom plan, the costs per visit / fan and budgets will be particularly evaluated in each case. You will be required to pay the administrative cost in advance as well as the amount you want to invest. If you have a balance at the end of your campaign, you can use it for another advertising campaign, making it impossible to move to another service.
To contract the service and use it, it is essential to have a Fanpage or website to promote.
The Facebook web ad service has NO refunds of any kind. Without exceptions.

24 – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Contracts made exclusively online (not in person), and only for the services mentioned below at this point, may eventually have a money back guarantee, which depending on the product or service, is the next: 

Web Design: Our objective is that you are totally satisfied with the work, so after submitting a design sample, you can request the changes or modifications that you consider necessary. If after a 5th (fifth) sample you are not satisfied, within 30 days of receipt you can request a refund of 100% of the amount paid for design, which will be returned by the same means that made the payment. Domain names do not have a refund. Once you have approved the final design, and / or made the final publication of the site, you will not have the right to request a refund. If a refund is made, all the files on the site will be removed from the servers.

Logo design: After having received up to 9 samples of logo design, and not being satisfied with any, you can request up to 50% discount on the value paid for the logo design


We reserve the right to extend or modify these terms of service, at any time and without prior notice. Likewise, we reserve the right to modify the scope, prices, and characteristics included in the web design or service offered, at any time and without prior notice. Each contract will be governed by the conditions accepted at the time of requesting the service.

Along with the growth of the Internet, email abuse is also growing. People get very upset about SPAM mail and send complaints to providers. Because of this, we must assume a strict position regarding SPAM mail.
The subscriber who uses our servers and / or has their domain registered through our company, undertakes not to transmit unsolicited advertising through email or any other means on the Internet (except, of course, search or display campaigns with services payment). Failure to comply with this point will lead to the immediate suspension, without prior notice, of the contracted services.
Any expense generated will be charged to the user’s account. If the sending of SPAM mail by a user is detected, the account will be suspended, paying US $ 50.- as an account reopening fee.
When the service is suspended by sending SPAM, a suspension screen will be placed in the corresponding place. This screen will be removed as soon as the payment of the fine is verified.

SPAM means any e-mail not requested by the recipient that consists, for example, in commercial advertisements for products and / or services whose origin is difficult to identify, products and / or services whose recipient has not voluntarily subscribed, invitations to browse websites with adult content, unreal prize offers, discounts on prescription drugs, and other content that causes discomfort to the recipient, for making it difficult for them to access emails that they are interested in reading, taking away disk space in the mail server, force it to waste time deleting it, etc.

In order to use Aloclick.com’s servers to send advertising, the user agrees to use a list of subscribers who have accessed or have requested to receive the information included in the email marketing campaign. Under no circumstances, even if they are valid recipients and subscribed to your lists, shipments can exceed 400 emails per hour.

Likewise, the system will automatically suspend those accounts:
• In which lists with non-existent users are detected and / or that include cheating emails within them, before or after sending a campaign.
• That in a campaign they exceed 10% of rebounds
• That they receive complaints of sending spam.
• In which detection or attempt to send Phishing is detected. In this case, the suspension will be immediate and definitive.
By bounces we mean those e-mails that for different reasons have been rejected by the destination server.
In case of receiving spam from an account hosted at ALOCLICK.COM, please send your report to abusos@aloclick.com.
The system will automatically suspend accounts that have NOT been paid in time. Being able to reactivate paying an additional charge of 10% of the amount of your invoice. If you do not pay it within 30 days from the moment of suspension, your account will be deleted, making it impossible to retrieve any content that the account has (contact lists, campaigns and reports).


HOSTING (Web Hosting)

General basic terms of service for the provision of web hosting services – web hosting – by ALOCLICK.COM


H1) The Services provided by ALOCLICK.COM are governed under the following conditions
a) ALOCLICK.COM undertakes to provide the contractor, hereinafter “the Client”, the Datacenter Services indicated in the corresponding service request.
b) ALOCLICK.COM will use all the means at its disposal to provide the Client with the highest quality Services.
c) ALOCLICK.COM will make every effort to provide the Client with the Services on the agreed dates. ALOCLICK.COM will not be responsible for delays or situations caused by force majeure or that are beyond its control.
d) Webhosting services and related electronic services can only be used for legal and lawful purposes under applicable laws.
e) ALOCLICK.COM will not be responsible in case of connectivity and accessibility problems to the services contracted by the CLIENT located at his address or offices.


H2) Client’s Obligations
a) Use the Services in accordance with current regulations and laws. In the event that the Services are used by third parties, it will be the Client’s sole responsibility to specify that said Services must be used in accordance with current regulations and laws.
b) Make adjustments to your scripts to comply with this contract and with any other instructions that ALOCLICK.COM specifies regarding the use of its resources and services.


H3) Contract Term
a) The minimum term of the service provision will be six (6) months for our Hosting services
b) ALOCLICK.COM may modify its conditions with a new contract scheme at the end of each month or two-month period according to corresponds, which must be communicated to the customer in a reliable manner. The client will have a maximum period of 15 days to accept or reject the new conditions, which must be communicated to ALOCLICK.COM in a reliable manner.
c) Plans with recurring payments that include web design require a minimum contract of 6 months.


H4) Withdrawal from an account
a) The Client must request by means of a ticket generated from our SUPPORT SITE, and the withdrawal will be scheduled for the following month, thus preventing the next period from being invoiced. The only requirement, in addition to carrying out the operation before the indicated date, is that the account does not present debt or unpaid balances on the day of the deadline for the withdrawal. Otherwise, the account will continue in force. ALOCLICK.COM must respond to the USER for this procedure to be valid.
b) The payment of services in advance, whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually (among others) does not admit any discount or refund of fees in case the CLIENT requests the cancellation of the service in advance. There may be specific cases, where we offer, through specific landing pages of our services, a money back guarantee. Only for those cases, if the account is closed within the stipulated period, the sum of money paid will be returned , discounting 20%, for administrative expenses and management of early account closure. c) Any remaining favorable balance or advance payment can be exclusively used in order to cover services provided by the company.

H5) Payment and billing terms
a) Payments must be made until the due date indicated in the service order, service contract or other report that mentions the due dates. After the expiration date, the service will be automatically suspended for non-payment. ALOCLICK.COM will notify the client on repeated occasions from its issuance to its expiration by email to the e-mail boxes registered at the time of service registration or updated by explicit request of the CLIENT, being able to use other means available to communicate situations administrative in nature. b) If the CLIENT pays his obligations once his account has been disabled, he must notify ALOCLICK.COM indicating the payment details required to confirm it before the fundraising entities. Within a period not exceeding 24 business hours of confirmed payment, ALOCLICK.COM will enable the service again. The reactivation of a hosting account is free. c) Any expiration date that falls on a non-business day or holiday will remain on that expiration date. e) In case of not receiving the payment coupon, due notice or invoice on date, the CLIENT may request its early issuance. Failure to receive the invoice, payment coupon or expiration notice does not exempt the CLIENT from their payment on time.


H6) Default Cases a) A disabled account does not imply the cessation of the obligation to pay the amounts owed, and will even be computed as active since the customer’s data is kept intact. b) The account will be permanently removed from our system once the 15 days have elapsed after the disablement has been completed, thus deriving the amounts owed to the designated Study of Extrajudicial Collections. c) The lack of reliable communication on the part of the CLIENT, lack of payment or the disuse of the service do not indicate the automatic withdrawal or retroactive modifications in the billing of the account unless the lack of communication exceeds 60 days from the moment of the issuance of a payment order and it is not paid.

H7) Guarantees and Limitation of the Responsibility of ALOCLICK.COM
a) ALOCLICK.COM will not be responsible for any damage occurred in the Customer’s premises as a result of the tasks of connection of the Service and installation of equipment, unless these damages have been produced by negligence of ALOCLICK.COM personnel or their subcontractors. Neither will it be responsible for the inaccessibility of the services contracted from the carrier used by the client, if this is the problem.
b) In no case will ALOCLICK.COM be liable for lost profits, consequential damages or any other indirect loss of margin, sales, business, anticipated savings, delays in registration, service or data that the CLIENT may suffer.
c) If the USER sells or resells advertising or space on the server to a third party, then the USER will be responsible for the use, content and actions of the third party.


H8) Transfer of Service.
The Client may not transfer this contract to a third party without the written consent of ALOCLICK.COM.


H9) Termination of the Contract by ALOCLICK.COM
a) ALOCLICK.COM may terminate this contract at any time without the need to notify the CLIENT if the CLIENT breaches any of its obligations under this contract.


H10) Notifications
a) All notifications between parties must be made in writing via E-Mail to the sector that it is intended to be taken as valid at the time of being answered.


H11) Uptime
a) ALOCLICK.COM guarantees a constant operation of the service, with a stipulated Uptime of 99.9%. If this percentage of Uptime is low, the client may request a bonus according to the time without operation.


H12) Backups
a) ALOCLICK.COM is not responsible for data loss caused by interruptions resulting from a drop in network connectivity, equipment failure, natural disasters or human error. the CLIENT is responsible for the backup of their data.


H13) Domains and Delegations
a) ALOCLICK.COM is not responsible for delays in domain registrations and transfers of DNS or RESPONSIBLE PERSON, caused by third parties or by the CLIENT who acquires our services. .Com.ar domain registrations are managed with an extra charge and are registered in the name of Aloclick or its legal representative, depending on the client the renewal when necessary.
b) If the client is already the owner of a domain, the delegation of the domain will become his responsibility since the ALOCLICK.COM Domain Administration does not have access to the client’s personal information, necessary to carry out said change.
c) In the case of .com domains or with another special extension, ALOCLICK.COM will offer for the annual costs established at the time of contracting, the maintenance of the specific domain throughout the entire contract year, advising up to 7 days in advance of the E-Mail indicated as owner, its expiration. If there is no response from the CLIENT or in the event of default, in the event that the domain falls due to expiration, ALOCLICK.COM will not be forced to go to its recovery.


H14) Shared Webhosting
a) The USER agrees not to harm ALOCLICK.COM, nor its reputation, nor its systems, nor to other CLIENTS of the shared services. The CLIENT understands that some services provided by ALOCLICK.COM are on shared servers. This means that a website cannot overload the use of servers.
b) If a CLIENT overloads the servers and causes complaints from other users, ALOCLICK.COM may temporarily suspend the service without prior notice and, if the problem continues, the CLIENT will need to change to a plan more appropriate to the needs of their site. Web.


H15) Mail Service
a) In all services, except mailing service, the USER agrees not to carry out mass mail activities.
b) The USER may configure their E-Mail accounts in any mail client using POP or IMAP.
c) In case the USER uses a mobile fleet service with constant consultation of the Mail Service, they must choose to use a plan tailored to their requirements, depending on the consumption stipulated by the Technical Support Department.


H16) Reseller Plans
a) ALOCLICK.COM will provide the customer with the exclusive service for free resale.
b) The CLIENT is responsible for the acts and queries of his own clients.
c) ALOCLICK.COM will not be able to attend queries directly to CLIENT’s clients, and the registered owner must be contacted directly.


H17) Content
a) The CLIENT is solely responsible for its content under any of our solutions. Any legal charge or complaint will weigh directly on the CLIENT, suspending the service in the first instance until the problem is definitively solved and, proceeding to its permanent disablement in the second instance, before the second call for attention or continuing the conflict.
b) Shared hosting services (Shared Hosting, Corporate Hosting, Multi-Account Plans and Resellers) may not be used as a remote storage or backup solution. Shared hosting services are optimized to run web applications and email.
c) ALOCLICK.COM can reserve the right of admission and permanence in the service without notice, in case of any eventuality referred to the content of the CLIENT. The withdrawal of an account for legal reasons or complaints does not imply the return of paid balances.

H18) Confidentiality
a) ALOCLICK.COM may include the CLIENT’s information in its internal directories, and this information may only be used for the management of the CLIENT and possible promotions or notifications by ALOCLICK.COM. For no reason ALOCLICK.COM can sell or spread this information.
b) ALOCLICK.COM undertakes to preserve the customer’s data except in writing or by verifiable illegal act.
c) The CLIENT takes all responsibility to keep their contact information updated in order to facilitate a fluid communication with ALOCLICK.COM. See complete privacy and confidentiality policies here 


H19) Commercial and Sales Service
a) The time to communicate with Commercial Service is from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., through the channels reported on the aloclick.com website.


H20) Technical Support:
ALOCLICK.COM has technical personnel, 365 days a year,

  1. a) The formal presentation of a claim must be made through a ticket created from our support page, here, or email (this last option, only in the event that the user does not yet have access to the online support platform) indicating the perceived failure and any documentation that may be valuable in solving the problem. In the case of a shared system, many times the resolution may not be immediate, leaving the resolution time available to the technical area.


ALOCLICK.COM reserves the right to modify these conditions of use at its discretion, such modifications and this, which are online, is the last version of it.

Any modification in these terms will be made when ALOCLICK.COM considers that it is appropriate and it is the responsibility of the USER / CLIENT to ensure knowledge of such changes.

Policies The Acceptable Use Policies specify actions prohibited by ALOCLICK.COM, through its trademarks applicable to all clients or service users. ALOCLICK.COM reserves the right to modify these policies at any time, such modifications being mandatory as of the publication in this web address. Any modification to this Policy will be made at the time that ALOCLICK.COM considers appropriate and it is the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure knowledge of such changes.

Illegal use
a) The services provided by ALOCLICK.COM can be used only for legal purposes.
b) Any transmission, distribution or storage of any material in violation of any applicable law or regulation is prohibited. This includes, without limitation, all material protected by copyright, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights used without proper authorization or consent, and all material that is obscene, defamatory, or that constitutes a personal or collective threat.

Antispam Policy
a) The Company prohibits its customers or users from using the email that it provides that affects, in any way, the following provisions on antispam use.
b) It is expressly clarified that the spirit of this policy is to specify the prohibited spam and mass mailing behaviors, meaning by this the sending of unsolicited, massive, indiscriminate, illegal e-mails that affect the personal rights of third parties.

Policy for the good use of Electronic Mail
a) The recipient of an email must have previously accepted or requested to receive it, being the issuer’s essential obligation that the recipient can, at any time, revoke the consent given to receive said commercial communication via email.
b) The sender of an email must be identified for the recipient to know about them.
c) If promotional offers are made by email, the requirements of current legislation must be met (Consumer Defense Law, Commercial Loyalty, National Lottery, etc.), as well as the conditions of participation in said promotional offers or giveaways.
d) In all shared hosting platforms (Shared Hosting, Corporate Hosting, Multi-Account Plans or Corporate Mail Services), the sending by email of all advertising or any type of mass commercial notice is prohibited.
e) The HTML format and images that may cause damage to the recipient’s email account, device or equipment may not be used.
f) The size of attached files should be optimized.
g) It is expressly forbidden for any client or user to use the mail server of another site for retransmission.
h) It is prohibited to provide services that, directly or indirectly, facilitate the proliferation of spam, this includes mailboxes, software to carry out spam, hosting of Web sites to carry out SPAM or that carry out SPAM.
i) Adaptation to new policies of use of emails that ALOCLICK.COM notifies both from policies published in this public document as well as current national and international legal provisions and generally accepted uses and customs on the Internet.
j) The messages contained in the emails cannot be contrary to the provisions of Public Order, morality, national and international good customs and the applicable customs and uses; and respect for the personal rights of third parties.
k) It is strictly forbidden for customers of Hosting, Internet and Datacenter services to carry out conduct contrary to this Policy, or that they themselves are promoted or published through the improper use of emails, or resell or subcontract the service of ALOCLICK.COM to third parties that carry out conduct contrary to this Policy.
l) Procedure for misuse of email: ALOCLICK.COM may cause the suspension of the service provided when it detects that a customer or user is misusing the email, directly or indirectly, or becomes aware that said customer or user transmits or is is connected in any other way with any massive, indiscriminate and unsolicited email, in accordance with this email use policy, affecting the rights of third parties and those of The Company. In no case of anticipated suspension or termination will any type of compensation be generated by ALOCLICK.COM, which may claim from the client or user the damages, direct and indirect, caused by the conduct of the conduct prohibited in this Policy .
m) The attempt to violate security will give rise to direct criminal or civil liability on the Client or user.
n) ALOCLICK.COM will investigate the facts related to said violations and will cooperate with the application of the law in conjunction with public institutions or pertinent entities with expert mechanisms if a violation of criminal laws is suspected or verified.
Sensitive content
o) Sites that promote any illegal activity or that present content that may be harmful to the public, to servers, or to any other server on the Internet are expressly prohibited. Links to such materials are also prohibited. Examples of unacceptable content or links:
– Non-proprietary or original (pirated)
software – Infected or harmful programs or files
– Sites for downloading or publishing copyrighted
content – Adult content or offering of sexual and companion services
p) ALOCLICK.COM will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision.
q) On shared hosting platforms, the client agrees to adapt the consumption of its website or service to the established limits in order not to harm its own performance or that of third parties.
r) The Client acknowledges that ALOCLICK.COM is not responsible for the content of the stored information, therefore, ALOCLICK.COM is not responsible for the content managed by the Client.


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